Cocktail Sauce Brands – Which Cocktail Sauce Brand is Better?

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If you’re looking for the best cocktail sauce brands, you might not know where to start. Spices are a dime a dozen and cocktail sauce is no different as there are so many different types on the market.

While this is sometimes a good thing as it gives you options to choose from, it can also be difficult. Difficult because you have to figure out which brands are the best and which are worth it.

Not every brand of cocktail sauce is going to be a winner as they are all made differently and will have their own unique taste. Sometimes this comes down to personal preference and you may not like certain brands that other people like.

So you should always do your research to find out which brands are the best to try. Read on to find out which cocktail sauce brand is the best and what other brands offer quality cocktail sauces.

Best brand for cocktail sauces

If you are looking for the best brand of cocktail sauce, you should try Heinz Cocktail Sauce. Not only known for their dessert and other condiments, this brand also creates a flavorful and zesty cocktail sauce that can complement any meal.

Homemade Spicy Cocktail Sauce

Heinz is definitely best known for its ketchup products, for which it is the best seller. But Hines also creates a variety of condiments, all of which are as delicious and full of flavor as you would expect.

Heinz’s cocktail sauce is no different, as this cocktail sauce is loaded with flavor and ready to pack a punch. It’s bright and zesty with lots of spices added to enhance the flavor with every meal you add it to.

It has that distinctive red color and is a staple that every kitchen should have on hand. Since Heinz is such a well-known brand, this is also a very easy condiment to find no matter which grocery store you shop at.

This makes it a convenient option that you can easily pick up anywhere.

Fish fry from Louisiana

Louisiana Fish Fry Sauce is from a brand that originated in Louisiana and started catering to the seafood craze. Cocktail sauce is most commonly used as a seafood condiment, so Louisiana Fish Fry became an expert in making this condiment.

This is a traditional cocktail sauce originally made from horseradish sauce, which gives it its bright and zesty flavor. It’s the perfect condiment for any type of seafood you might enjoy, but it’s also very versatile.

This is a flavorful sauce that you can add to other dishes as well as seafood to spice things up. It’s packed with traditional cocktail sauce flavor, and this brand specifically offers a few different types of sauce options for you to try.

As well as other fry seasonings and spice rubs that you can use when preparing seafood.

Old Bay

Old Bay is a well-known brand that offers a range of seafood condiments, hence the name. Old Bay Cocktail Sauce is thick and full of traditional flavor with a bold base of horseradish sauce.

Most traditionally, it’s used with any type of seafood you’re cooking like oysters, fish, shrimp, etc. However, you could experiment and try adding this cocktail sauce to a variety of other foods as well.

You might not have many choices when it comes to Old Bay cocktail sauce, but the original sauce is definitely a winner in most people’s books. If you are looking for a traditional tasting cocktail sauce, this is definitely a brand to try first.

St Elmo

St. Elmo’s is an Indianapolis restaurant that is a steakhouse serving shrimp cocktails. It is known worldwide for its shrimp cocktails and its special cocktail sauce that it creates in the restaurant.

This is one of the best sellers at this restaurant and eventually St. Elmo’s decided to bottle and sell their cocktail sauce. That’s why you can now buy St. Elmo’s cocktail sauce at any grocery store, even if you don’t live near a steakhouse.

This cocktail sauce is made the traditional way with a base of horseradish to give it that zesty punch. But the overall recipe definitely stands out and has garnered a lot of attention from cocktail sauce lovers.

If you can find this brand at your local grocery store, this is a great cocktail sauce to try. It will definitely add a unique flavor and goes great with any type of seafood you may be preparing.


Inglehoffer is a family-owned brand that emerged during the Great Depression. It’s known for its bright cocktail sauce, made with freshly grated horseradish for a zesty punch.

It’s a great cocktail sauce to try as it’s packed with the traditional flavors you’d expect but isn’t overpowering. Many customers describe it as a mild cocktail sauce with all the necessary flavors, but none of them are overwhelming.

So this is the perfect option for anyone who likes cocktail sauce but doesn’t want it to overpower their food. Inglehoffer is also a fairly well-known brand, so you should be able to find this cocktail sauce at most major grocery chains.


Bookbinder’s is a Virginia restaurant that became well known for its spices. Because they were so popular at the restaurant, Bookbinder’s decided to start bottling and selling its condiments.

Now Bookbinder’s is a household name in grocery stores because you can easily find this type of condiment on the shelves. This includes a traditional cocktail sauce that anyone who likes this type of condiment should try.

You have the option of choosing a hot and spicy cocktail sauce or the original recipe, depending on your preference. Both will be packed with flavor, but one will definitely pack a potter’s punch with your meal.

You should be able to find a wide variety of Bookbinder’s condiments at almost any grocery store you shop at. This makes it a convenient option as most people can access it.


The Beaver brand sells a very simple cocktail sauce that many people trust and rely on. This is a traditional cocktail sauce recipe that will have all the traditional flavor you’ve come to expect in this condiment.

It’s bright and fiery with freshly grated horseradish that really packs a punch when you add it to dishes. It is considered a basic option as there is nothing special as it is very traditional.

This is a very well known brand that every grocery store will stock in the spice aisle. This makes it easy to find, so you don’t have to go to a specialty store to pick up a trusty bottle of cocktail sauce for your meal.


McCormick is best known for his seasons and spice mixes, which you can buy in the spice section of any grocery store. But it also sells two varieties of cocktail sauces that are packed with flavor, as you’d expect from a condiment company.

You have the option to purchase the extra hot or the original McCormick cocktail sauce, whichever you prefer. Normal cocktail sauce is already quite hot and has a lot to offer, but the extra hot version is definitely something for those who love hotness.

Since this is such a well-known brand, it should be easy to find at any grocery chain that stocks spices.

Original kitchen

Primal Kitchen is a unique brand that offers a variety of products that are healthy and very no-fuss. His mission is to create products that taste exactly the way they should, using simple ingredients.

Primal Kitchen’s cocktail sauce has no added sugar and is considered whole-30 and keto-friendly. It’s a healthier option that tastes very flavorful and allows you to taste every ingredient that goes into the sauce.

This is definitely a healthier option that will help you not feel guilty if you like to eat a lot of cocktail sauce.

Which cocktail sauce brand is better?

If you are looking for the best cocktail sauce brand, Heinz is definitely a trusted brand to try. It’s best known for its ketchup, but Heinz also stocks a range of condiment options, as well as cocktail sauce.

It’s also very easy to find in stores as it’s a new brand everywhere. If you want to try other types of cocktail sauces, you can try Old Bay, St. Elmo’s, Beaver, McCormick, or Bookbinder’s.

These are just a few brands that offer quality cocktail sauces that everyone should try at least once. They each have their own unique flavor and will spice up a variety of different dishes.

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