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Can Le Creuset go in the dishwasher? microwave, freezer

    If you own Le Creuset stoneware, you might be wondering if this type of kitchenware can be washed in the dishwasher. This is a common question from customers who do not know how to safely care for their Le Creuset items.

    When purchasing specialty cookware, it is important to know exactly how to care for these items. Mainly because they are usually made of special materials and have instructions that you should follow when using them.

    This can be very important as certain types of cookware are only meant for certain uses and not for others. For example, some baking pans are only safe in the oven at certain temperatures or cannot be placed in the dishwasher.

    These are important details to understand before you start using your new kit cookware as you want it to remain in the best possible condition. Especially when you consider that it is usually an investment that you have made.

    Read on to find out if Le Creuset cookware is dishwasher safe and how to care for this cookware.

    Le Creuset stoneware is dishwasher safe

    If you own Le Creuset stoneware, you might be wondering if this bakeware is safe to put in the dishwasher. The good news is that Le Creuset dishes can be washed in a perfectly safe place Standard dishwasher at your home

    This is a bakeware brand best known for their Dutch ovens, which are of high quality and come in a variety of colors. This bakeware is made of high-quality stoneware, which is ideal for ambitious hobby cooks and professional chefs.

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    As with most quality cookware, there are certain ways you should care for this cookware. This is something that many customers worry about as they don’t want to accidentally damage their Le Creuset items.

    The good news for customers is that despite the high quality of the baked goods brand, Le Creuset items are very easy to care for. They are designed to withstand heavy use and not be damaged by a simple dishwasher.

    In contrast to some special stoneware and baking molds, Le Creuset is very robust and can withstand a lot of stress. And all without damaging or damaging it in any way, so you don’t have to worry about that as much.


    Le Creuset stoneware is not only dishwasher safe, it is also safe to use in the microwave. This is not the purpose for which it was designed, but it clearly states that all Le Creuset cookware is microwave safe.

    If you own Le Creuset cookware small enough to fit in the microwave, you can safely use it in the microwave. There are no materials that are unsafe when doing this as this type of cookware can withstand microwave use.


    While Le Creuset stoneware cannot withstand high temperatures, it can also withstand low temperatures, for example in the freezer. Le Creuset cookware is definitely not designed for this purpose, but it can be stored in the freezer without hesitation.

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    This could be ideal when trying to quickly chill something you’ve prepared in a Le Creuset dish. Or maybe you’re trying to chill or freeze something to start cooking the next day.

    No matter why you want to store your Le Creuset stoneware in the freezer, it’s perfectly safe to do so. This will not damage the dish or bakeware. However, you should let it warm up before placing it on direct heat.


    Le Creuset stoneware is specifically designed for oven use, as many of these dishes are Dutch ovens. These are used to bake all types of bread, as well as other dishes such as stews and roasts.

    For this reason, you can use this type of stoneware in the oven as many times as necessary. It is designed for this purpose so that it can easily withstand even long-term use.

    However, it is important to remember that Le Creuset stoneware is only rated for kiln use up to a temperature of 500°F. Therefore, you should not bake this dish at higher temperatures as it may be unsafe and cause cracking.


    Le Creuset stoneware is also safe to put in a grill if you need to brown something in the mold very quickly. This is safe as this is usually done in an oven and this type of bakeware is designed to withstand high temperatures.

    However, it is important to ensure the temperature does not rise above 500°F as this can cause damage. As Le Creuset dishes are not designed to withstand higher temperatures.

    Le Creuset stoneware with wooden handles is not dishwasher safe

    While it is safe to put your Le Creuset stoneware in the dishwasher, there is one exception that you must consider. Certain types of stoneware from this brand have wooden handles to create a beautiful and rustic appearance.

    As beautiful as these bakeware are, they are not dishwasher safe as the water can damage the wooden handles. This can lead to erosion and ultimately spoil the appearance of the handles and cause them to fall apart.

    For this reason, Le Creuset stoneware with wooden handles should only be hand washed and air dried to protect the handles. This ensures that they look beautiful and stay in working condition for a very long time.

    Final Thoughts

    If you own Le Creuset stoneware, you might be wondering if this type of bakeware is dishwasher safe. The good news is that these parts can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher as long as they don’t have wooden handles.

    This makes caring for Le Creuset cookware extremely easy and convenient as it is very durable.