Mykhailo Fedorov is waging Ukraine’s war against Russia like a startup

“The armed forces and the startup communities are different worlds,” said Nataliia Kushnerska, project leader of Brave1. “In this project, everyone gets what they need. The General Staff and the Ministry of Defense receive very nice solutions that they can really get to work with. The Ministry of Economic Affairs will have a growing ecosystem, … Read more

SpaceX is teasing another application for Starship

Enlarge / Artistic illustration of a Starship vehicle in low Earth orbit. You’ve probably heard of SpaceX’s plans to use its giant new Starship vehicle to land humans on the Moon and Mars, send countless Starlink satellites or large telescopes into space, or perhaps even serve as a high-speed point-to-point terrestrial transport for equipment or … Read more

Leon Black is being pressured by the Senate Judiciary Committee over Jeffrey Epstein’s fees

A Senate committee is investigating whether the $158 million billionaire investor Leon Black paid disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein for tax and estate planning services should have been classified as a gift, as part of a broader investigation into tax evasion by high-net-worth individuals, according to a letter reviewed by The New York Times. In addition … Read more